Do you have a hustler’s mindset?

I mean are you really willing to put in that WORK to be successful in your career and business?

Last week I was listening to one of my go to podcast’s for successful ambitious women in business hosted by Eleanor Beaton and she talked about out-hustling your competition. The episode couldn’t have been more aligned with my intention for that week and on message for what I was experiencing.

You see, being an intrapreneur (an entrepreneur within an organization) requires that I wear many hats: corporate career women, entrepreneur and unapologetically purposeful in my pursuit of success.

This week, the hustle spoke for itself.

My picture was chosen to be the ad for a national campaign with a major financial institution. I successfully planned, coordinated and hosted two partnership initiatives within my organization that took place without a hitch. I helped a new coaching client achieve a breakthrough on our first call AND I was interviewed for the podcast Carry on Friends talking all things leadership, women’s empowerment & taking risks.

I went IN this week & put in that WORK!

And I did it by being intentional about two things: my thoughts & actions.

I didn’t have time to worry about how my success would make other people feel.

I didn’t have time to consider what other people were doing and if it was better that what I had achieved.

I was focused on my mission & purpose, hustling to make my dreams and vision a reality through hard work and a commitment to achieving my next level of success.

So I ask you: do you have the hustle & heart to be successful? Are you willing do what it takes to win at life?

Let me know in the comments below how you’ve adopted the hustler mindset in leadership or what you need to do to start outhustling your competition.