Rashida is on a mission to help women get out of their own way, own their truth and rightfully claim the value they bring to LIFE! Helping them unlock their gifts and stand in their POWER with confidence, Rashida is teaching Millennials how to value themselves and unapologetically OWN the brilliance they bring to the marketplace! As the producer & host of the TV show “Business Talks” on Bell TV1, Rashida reaches people across Canada. These POWERHOUSE guest share their insights on growing a successful business while teaching viewers to “call the shot” on their life!


Tired of waiting for permission from everyone but herself, Rashida started OWNING her natural talents and gifts by leveraging her more than 10 years of corporate experience and investing in herself. Trained by best selling author Valorie Burton of the CaPP Institute in personal development coaching, Rashida utilizes the power of positive psychology in her business and life! She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University and is completing Graduate studies from the John Molson School of Business.

A voice for the next generation of women leaders through her speaking, coaching, and training, Rashida is helping Millennials build the INFLUENCE and IMPACT they need to claim the POWER they bring to LIFE!