Rashida Geddes is living proof that where you came from doesn’t have to define the kind of leader you can be. A Millennial Women’s Leadership Coach, Talent Consultant, Speaker and Host, Rashida is empowering young leaders to unapologetically own their value in the marketplace and confidently ask for what they want. She’s also invested in seeing more inclusion and diversity through representation in the workplace.


Tired of waiting for permission from everyone but herself, Rashida started owning her talents, leveraged her more than 10 years of corporate experience, to create her own opportunities in the workplace. Becoming the CEO of her own career success and trained by Best Selling Author Valorie Burton of the Capp Institute in Coaching, Rashida utilizes the power of positive psychology in her business, career & life!

When she isn’t helping Millennials find their voice, Rashida wears many hats as a wife, mother and youth advocate. She is a graduate of Concordia University. A voice for the next generation of women leaders through her speaking, coaching, and training, Rashida is helping Millennials claim the power they bring to life!

Rashida’s work has worked with media and organizations across Canada and the US.