To My Strong Women Who Make It Look Easy


Women (whether at home or in the workplace) who make it look easy are doing themselves no favours. Have you ever noticed how little we ask the “strongest person” in our circle how we can help and truly act on it? I can remember very early on realizing that my strength and resiliency was both […]

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[AUDIO INSIDE] Your Story Matters: 3 Things I’ve Learned Through Online Storytelling With CBC Radio

My paternal grandmother was the bedrock of our family. Her powerful presence and love for family brought everyone together. I can remember spending most weekends with her and my grandfather in their two bedroom apartment downtown. Sounds cute, except the fact that we were usually 4-6 grandchildren trying to sleep on ONE double mattress bed […]

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Playing To Your Strengths In Life AND In Business

This past month was filled with wins, realizations and MAJOR doses of priority checks along the way. I filmed season 2 of Business Talks (scheduled to air on Bell TV1 in late January 2017), led several workshops and speaking engagements, celebrated the birthday of my loves: my daughter and partner AND worked on a new […]

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