Private Coaching


“When I started working with Rashida, I was an employee who deep down wanted to be my own boss. I was educated, experienced and passionate about my clients but didn’t think I had what it took to start my own business from where I was. Rashida helped me see where I was undervaluing my talents and gifts and In just six months of working with her around value, worthiness and mindset, I gained the confidence to ask for what I really wanted.That one move moved me from employee to self-employed and created an additional stream of revenue in my business. Coaching with Rashida has been one of the best decisions I have ever made – it’s made me a better, clearer, more focused me!”

Tania J., Health & Wellness Coach


 Thank you! You are truly gifted in what you do.  After our conversation, I was overwhelmed by my personal discovery.  Everything as far as my business has fallen into place and the stress has been dramatically reduced.  Now, I have a better perspective on my business going forward.

Debra, Business Development Manager


 Workshops & Training Sessions


I invited Rashida to participate in a panel discussion at Concordia University with other executives in HR on the topic of navigating the evolving employment landscape in Montreal for Millennials. Rashida is a collaborative and conscientious speaker who takes initiative and is able relay information and ideas in digestible ways to her audience. She is a leadership coach who presents strong character and does this by example, in her revitalized work ethic and her open engaging style. I look forward to working with Rashida again soon!”  – Olivia Piccirelli


“Anyone who knows Rashida, knows that she is truly an influential speaker! She blew us away with her ability to so cmcgill-university-logo-png-transparent-cropped-study-mcgill-university-png-2228_800learly articulate the value of developing a personal brand. She delivered an authentic and engaging workshop focused on how to create more inclusive workplaces, starting with listening to learn, acting courageously, and applying self-reflect techniques for career development. I’m always in awe by the way she expresses herself with such confidence and ease. Rashida is incredibly talented at engaging with a diverse audience in meaningful conversations, leaves you feeling inspired, motivated, and equips you with strategies to take action. Highly recommend her!” – Emilie Salvi



“Rashida presented a workshop to our team on Personalities and Communication in the workplace.  Not only was the presentation informative and educational, but quite interactive as well.  The exercises that she had the team perform allowed for self-reflection and demonstration of the challenges of working with different personalities. Rashida was extremely professional, personable and grasped the team’s attention and respect immediately. It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her in the future!” – Andrea Nicholls




“Thanks for the wonderful and informative webinar! This was the best presentation I have attended on career change. Rashida’s presentation was a good refresher on the value of branding and building a good network.  Thanks for your tireless passion, courage, and positivity!  You are making a difference!”Carmen

“Rashida is a powerhouse! I really loved her session”  – Aaron

“One of the best sessions I’ve attended!! Thank you for your energy and inspiring session”Kaitlin

“Rashida is an influential personality. She really has the ability to transform lives and inspire people with her words.Kritika

“One of the most passionate speakers I’ve ever heard! She’s wonderful!” Lisa

“I truly appreciated Rashida taking time to share her knowledge and experience. As an international student, it is really important to me to have this space to learn how to connect with people. You empower people to go for it!” Luisa

“J’ai trouvé son atelier très inspirant! Cela m’a fait sentir plus confiante pour communiquer mes propres idées.” Maya

“I’m happy I was part of this. Rashida did a great job and I’ll be sure to attend more workshops from her” Zenobia