What does it mean to take risks?

We often take risks daily, without even realizing it. However I believe there’s still more risks we need to take when it comes to leadership.

I was a recent guest on the Carry on Friends Podcast hosted by Kerry-Ann Reid Brown and we talked about “Taking Leadership Risks In Your Career & Business”

For many people, taking risks creates a negative association in their mind. The feelings play into the idea that all risks are dangerous and uncertain and should be avoided if possible. However exposing yourself to risk, as it relates to leadership, can actually create more opportunities as well.

It’s from taking risks that people like Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and Jay-Z have become successful.

Oprah didn’t decide to play it safe when she took risks earlier on in her career or when she decided to leave her amazingly successful TV show to pursue her own network dreams. She owned it – the good, bad and sometimes ugly criticism that comes with putting yourself out there and being vulnerable.

Millionnaire mentor, and someone I truly respect, Dr. Venus Opal Reese often says, “If you’re not willing to risk loosing it all, you can’t have it all”. It’s a mantra I keep on hand when mitigating my risks on the daily.

Because there’s so much truth to that statement.

If you aren’t willing to take the risks necessary to get you where you want to go, there is a strong likelihood that you’re not going to achieve your goal.

On this episode of the Carry on Friends podcast, Kerry-And and I talk about:

  1. What Oprah’s principle of validation can teach us about LEADERSHIP
  2. The biggest misconception I see when it comes to leadership in corporate environments
  3. Examples of smart risks you can take to claim the VALUE you bring to YOUR workplace!
  4. My 7 critical leadership skills for smart risk takers (this is gold!) (you can download here or directly on RashidaGeddes.com) and my GIFT to her listeners.

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I’d LOVE to know some of the risks you’re taking in you career, business & life. What resonated with you from our interview? Leave your comments below!

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