So many of us are sitting on our blessings. We have so much to offer the world by way of our experience but in failing to share it, we miss the ability to touch millions with our story and blessings altogether. On this episode of Empower Mentor Lead, I share the key to finding your message AND purpose: your mess.

We’ve all experienced something messy in our lives that – in the moment – seemed like we would never bounce back. But those who do bounce back realize there is a blessing that can come out of that experience. It’s the ability to not only help ourselves heal but also impact other people who may be going through something similar.

Last weekend I attended the 3rd annual Born To Rise event here in Montreal. For those unfamiliar, Born to Rise is a non-profit organization founded by Aiesha Robinson and dedicated to helping people find the tools, resources and support they need to overcome obstacles.

It was such a powerful event that literally moved so many of us to tears. You can watch the recap on YouTube HERE

This event left me thinking about you, your business AND your life.

On this episode I share 3 questions to ask to move you from mess to message:

There are so many people in this world that need to hear your story. They need to hear how life broke your heart and how you got back up again. There are people around the world who are waiting for the message only you can deliver.

Let it be the catalyst for your breakthrough. For your message. For your bigger purpose.

What mess have you gone through in your life that has fueled your purpose? Comment below so we could all bear witness and maybe heal too!