This week I had the incredible opportunity to laugh, cry & break bread with millionaire mentor Dr. Venus Opal Reese as part of her tour team in Toronto.

It was amazing!

Venus poured life & love into these black women, including myself and showed us all why standing for yourself and speaking your truth is oh so necessary in the journey to growing a million dollar business.

During dinner with the team, things got even more real when Dr. Venus poured directly into me, asking me the hard questions that I too have been asking myself about how I’m choosing to grow my business and live my life.

She went in as I sat in the hot seat, at times feeling uncomfortable. Hell, my business was out & I felt overexposed. Her unfiltered, real talk, you can’t hid love spoke to some on the ongoing layered conversations I’ve been having and it forced me to think about the kind of woman I want to be.

Shit-got-real at dinner.

But I walked away from it having grown a bit and having more perspective about my business.

This is what it’s about – growing a seven figure business is going to make you feel uncomfortable at times. It may force you to look at the cold hard truth of how you’re investing in yourself and make you evaluate the limiting beliefs you still carry around what is possible at this moment in your life.

I learned that when you get committed to 7-figure success, standing in your truth & power becomes all the more necessary to your business AND life.

So I ask you:

Are you truly standing for yourself? Are you standing in your power, speaking your truth and taking the necessary risks to live life on your terms?

I want you to make a commitment to doing one thing today that makes you feel uncomfortable. Stand for yourself and your dreams today and take one step that will bring you closer to success.

Let me know what resonated with you and leave a comment below.