millennial-consultingYou can’t seem to understand them.

This next generation of managers are different.

Their values are different. Their motivations are changing. They have become more certain than ever that what worked before isn’t going to work for them. And they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Millennials like me view work and life differently, we just do!

By 2025, we will make up for more than 75% of the workforce and an organizations ability to retain their talent pool and turn potential into performance will depend on how well values, vision and learning align. And that’s where I can help!


I want to help you create a team of passionate and purpose driven employees who are HAPPY to help the organization achieve their goals.

Whose vision and values complement that of the organization’s because they feel supported, prepared and trained to see opportunity and feel confident going after them.

To BOOST your company’s bottom line, you need to give your millennial workforce a winning formula that connects, adds value and can be replicated a hundred times over.

You need a solid learning expert that will help you understand the elements you are missing to turn your lackluster employee performance and training into the company’s best kept tool.

I will help you understand:

  • How to measure their performance through nurturing their potential
  • Effectively manage the work-life blend value system that so many leave the workforce to attain
  • Understand their top priorities in their career, business and life that will help you better teach them how to be great team players
  • Empower your employees to reach the next level within your organization and create industry leaders instead of ‘good ‘ol workers’

I believe great companies and businesses can achieve so much more when employees are engaged, happy and motivated to see their organization succeed!

I also believe that organizations that take action & create a space for learning and development to thrive will see how their company’s bottom line increases when their is a willingness to invest in millennial learning.

When employees are happy – customers and partners are happy!

I want to help you create MAGIC with your employees… with your business… in their lives!

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What clients are saying about working with Rashida…

“Rashida was a joy to work with. She has a deep understanding about the concerns of millennials. I hired her to help me put together a training for my millennial clients and she helped me understand the psychology of this generation of workers. I was able to change my social media engagement strategy after meeting her and to figure out how I could tap into their concerns in a way I hadn’t thought of before. I would absolutely hire her again!”

Franka Baly, CEO Franka Baly Media
Houston, TX