If you’re anything like the many millions of people today, you may feel like there is just not enough hours in the day to get things done.

Between work, family, school (if you’re a student) and your other commitments, you may be telling yourself “I don’t have time for anything else.”

But I have to ask you: what about “the dream”?

You know the dream I’m talking about.

The one you were once so set on having.

The one when you close you eyes and imagine your future you see so vividly.

The one you KNOW deep down that your heart is calling you to live.

Yeah, that dream.

Now let me ask you another question: with all that life entails, have you lost sight of it? Have you stopped putting in the action required to make YOUR dream a reality?

This week, a client of my fiancé who is an aspiring music producer, song writer and singer stopped by our home to talk business. I initiated small talk with him as I hadn’t seen him in awhile and wanted to know how he was keeping up.

You see, this aspiring multi-talented artist was good. The songs he’s written and produced could be on the albums of Trey Songs, The Dream or Ne-yo.

But as an aspiring artists, his reality includes an around the clock full-time job.

When he finished filling me in on the woes of his “job”, I asked him a question that I know caused some MAJOR reflection afterwards. I said “All that work you’re doing in your job is secondary. I want to know about your life’s work. Are you working on your DREAM? Because let me tell you, everything you’re doing will change nothing in your life if you’ve lost sight of that dream.”

He paused, took a step back and said: I’m just too tired Rashida. I haven’t had time recently to work on anything else.

And that’s unfortunate because there are going to be times in each of our lives where “that job” & your other commitments are going to consume a large portion of your time. In those moments, you may tell yourself that there is no time left to work of your dream.

I have been guilty of those same feelings myself.

But get still and ask yourself: Am I truly tired or uninspired?

Life is going to come with many distractions. Things that will call you and pull you away from what you really should be doing.

But please, don’t let it chase away the dream.

Join a mastermind, get an accountability partner, hire ME as your coach – do something! Just don’t lose sight of what you know your were called to do, your purpose.

My challenge to you this week is to write out 10-15 things you can do to gain inspiration and take action on the dream. Whether is wake up early or go to bed late, carve out time on weekends or join a group of entrepreneurs – list what YOU can do and commit yourself to making it happen.

With love,