Today I attended Fabienne Fredrickson’s Mindset Masterclass and felt called to share with you a few of the big takeaways I learned that could help you in your business and life.

We all have heard the expression “mind over matter” at some point in our lives. But sometimes when something gets repeated so often, we can forget the core message.

Learning to shift your mindset when it comes to your business and life allows you to create opportunities before they’ve even happened. You might be saying “Rashida, what does that mean?!” Ok, let me explain.

When we “think” differently, we “act” differently.

We rewire our subconscious to think in abundance rather than a state of inadequacy. It’s about understanding the power of our thoughts and taking the steps necessary each day to effectively change the way we’ve been taught to think.

Doing this will allow us to create more by choosing to act on opportunities that might be looking at us square in the face. Fabienne describes this as the “Mastermind Formula” that will help get you to the next level of your business and life.

Here are three strategies that will help you shift the way you think and let more opportunities in.

1. Stop Playing The Fence 

I know I have been guilty of playing this way at times.

Instead of jumping at that big promotion opportunity at your company, you talk yourself out of submitting your candidacy. It’s not that you can’t handle the work; you’ve simply decided it might be too challenging. You decide to “play it safe”.

Or maybe you have this great opportunity to go into business with someone but turn down the opportunity because you felt that the other person was just too experienced and had international dreams that were just too big! You’d rather “play it small”.

Allow yourself to “dream a bigger dream.” Know that you can do whatever you set your mind to as long as you’re not afraid to work.

When you think about “playing the fence” honor yourself and your abilities. Remember that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Refuse to limit your goals or dreams out of fear of getting out of your comfort zone.

2. Get Clear About Where You Are and Keep Upgrading to Get Where You Want 

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself or your business. I remember so many times that I’ve talked myself out of starting something because “I had no time” or because “I was afraid to spend the money on my development”.

Whether it’s funding your business or investing in yourself, refuse to skimp on your dreams. Get straight about your finances and create goals to get you to where you want to be. Leave the excuses for why you couldn’t make it happen to the people who doubted you. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Create an action plan that will allow you to make it happen. Figure out where things might not be aligning correctly in you business or life and do what is in your control to change directions.

3. Now that You Know What needs to be Done, Do It with Faith and Conviction. 

Thoughts without action are just unrealized dreams and wasted potential. Now that you know what you need to do and are clear on the path to get there, have courage and act!

Pay attention to the signs and have faith that the decisions you are making and the actions you are taking will pay you tenfold.

You are smart and full of great potential. Trust your intuition to lead you to your next big opportunity.