What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Maybe you’d finally get the courage to apply for that position you have the potential to do an amazing job at but know is beyond your pay level.

Maybe you’d finally ask for that raise you KNOW your work deserves.

Or maybe you know its time to change jobs because in your heart you know it’s been holding you back from achieving your full potential. #TheTruthHurts

The struggle with fear is REAL.

I’ve been there. I KNOW what that feels like on your spirit.

There have been many moments in my career where I let fear guide my decisions. I let the fear of failure, fear of people’s opinions and fear of not measuring up stop me from even trying.

Over the years, through coaching, learning and personal development I’ve practiced strategies and mindset shifts that have helped me step up and take an active role in my career, business and life.

And you can too!

But you have to be willing to start making shifts!

Here are 3 things YOU can do when fear gets the best of you:

  1. Separate Emotions From The Facts

Being close to your emotions is a great quality to have. As women, our emotions can often help us make tough decisions in business, career and life. But it can also get in the way and that’s when being too much in our emotions can cloud our judgment. Learning to separate emotional self-talk from what you know to be the truth can help in you moving forward.

  1. Ask Yourself: What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

So many of us get paralyzed by the thoughts fear bring on that we fail to take a moment and really think intuitively about the situation. Weigh the pros and cons so that we can have a base from which to make a decision. When you don’t know what the worst and best case scenarios are then you’re more likely to allow fear to lead your choices.

  1. If It Makes Your Scared, Do It Anyways!

You’ll never know what is possible if you don’t make the ask. Whether it’s a promotion, time off from work or vacation, learning to ask for what you want and keep asking even when you’ve heard no is a powerful practice. When you can learn to stay resilient in the face of challenge and master your ask you’ll learn one of the most challenging steps in your success!

It’s important to remember that making a decision in spite of fear should enhance your life not hurt it. Life is also about timing and making a decision that fits your lifestyle.

How have you let fear affect your career? What shift can you make today that will allow you to master your ask?

Leave your comment below!