What does it take to go pro? drive, determination, disciplined work ethic?

The Business of Boxing is an arena where only the most calculated of players get a chance at main stage success.

To play any sport at the professional level requires that most aspiring athletes train most of their lives for the opportunity. Many, introduced to the sport from as young as 3 years old, have mastered the art of the game and are ready for the big leagues by their early teens. For my guest today, his decision to start playing professionally began at the age of 20, when most athletes are already full swing in the business of competitive sports. Following in the footsteps of Canadian Super Middleweight Champions before him, Shakeel Phinn is quickly making a name for himself in the boxing world and is garnering the attention of boxing promoters, vendors and brands alike.

As a prizefighter, Shakeel aspires to take his talents all the way to the top, where money, success and notoriety are all apart of the game. The Business of boxing is no joke and for Shakeel, ever fight is an opportunity to show that to the world!

In this episode, Shakeel and I talk about his journey to pro-boxing, building his brand and what keeps him grounded. Shakeel stays #winning but it’s his love of the game and loyalty to those that got him here that make him stands out as more than just another pro-athlete.

Take a look!


Inspiring right? Makes you want to pick up your gloves, pen, whatever and get moving…. well just like Shakeel shares through his journey, it’s never too late to start.

Let me know in the comments, what one thing can you’ve been putting off starting today to propel your level of success?

Much Love,